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About IBIT

IBIT are a complete IT & network solutions company, we offer a full network support and installation service for businesses of all sizes.

Whether you have hundreds of employees with offices in locations all over the UK, or you are a small business with just a single PC, our experience and expertise can help you make technology work for, whilst always speaking in terms you can understand.

We provide a source of advice that you can trust. Our business advisors understand your challenges and how effective IT and communications can help to address them. Our portfolio of systems and services provides our customers with cost effective and resilient business computing solutions with extended technical support from a single supplier. Take the time to look around our Website to find out how we can help make your business more successful, through better productivity, lower costs and improved flexibility.

Ask yourself these questions

  • Are you using your current IT resources to their full potential?
  • Can you access your PC remotely?
  • Can you access your email from any PC in the world?
  • Is your network secure?
  • Can you quickly get support from you current IT support company?
  • Can they remotely access any of your Servers and PC’s to fix the problem?
  • Is your inbox bogged down with spam?
  • If you have multiple sites or offices are they all part of the same IT infrastructure?

If the answer to any of these questions is NO then speak to IBIT Solutions today