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Green Tip - Stop Fax Waste

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The fax machine has been a business staple for many many years and even though most communication is done via email nowadays just about everyone still has a fax number.


In the same way as email, fax numbers can become susceptible to spam and while there are services to help combat this (such as the Fax Preference Service) we still can end up with unwanted print outs that cost the business money but there is also the environmental aspect of all that wasted paper and ink.


So what to do about it?


If you're running Microsoft Small Business Server this has many built-in fax capabilities. Most people know that you can send a fax directly from your PC but did you know the server can receive incoming faxes on your behalf?


With the fax system hooked up to your server it can receive the messages and then you have lots of choices around what to do with them.


You could have them converted to email, sent to your Intranet, stored in a shared folder or if you still really wanted to directed to a printer! You can even do a combination of these.


When you have your server receive the faxes in this way they are saved as picture files. You can them view them on screen and decide if you need to print them after all or just delete them if they are spam.


The other advantage is that now they are on the system they can be filed and backed up. Something that would be very hard with a regular paper fax!


If you are running Small Business Server then you already have this functionality ready to be used on your network!


If you'd like to know more about this feature or learn how a small business server could help your business please get in touch.