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Useful Website - Parkopedia

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The humble A-to-Z has taken a bashing in recent years. With the advent of satellite navigation devices first as portable devices such as a Tom-Tom and now even your mobile phone, finding a route has never been easier.

The amount of additional information available in navigation system is helpful too - need a restaurant near your destination? Not a problem! Your sat-nav will find it for you.

This also includes parking spaces. The problem with this though is that while it may tell you where someone to park is located it doesn't tell you anything else about it.

Information such as how many spaces there are, what the costs are or even a review as to how clean and safe a car park feels just isn't a part of the experience when using a sat-nav.

This is where Parkopedia comes in.

It makes use of google maps and contributions from other road others to help build up a massive database about parking spaces.

When visiting you're presented with a search engine style interface.


Simply enter your destination which can be a landmark, a post code or a street name and a list of results is displayed.


The information is plotted directly on the map and you can filter out specific types of car parks (if you're not a fan of parking meters for example)

You'll get an overview of how far the car park is from your destination (on foot) as well as a rough cost for a full day's parking.

Clicking onto a specific car park gives you even more information.



Details about how many spaces, opening hours as well how the pricing works.



You can even get a street view of the entrance so you know exactly what you're looking for when driving there.

Other features include an iPhone app, local attraction information as well as the ability to embed the map on your own website giving your customers details parking information!

All in all a very useful website for the regular traveller.