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IT Support for Small Businesses

IBIT Solutions are a Coventry based company who provide complete IT & network solutions, we offer a full network support and installation service for businesses of all sizes.

IT Management

Having IBIT as a partner is like having your very own IT manager but much cheaper!

On-site and Remote Support

IBIT provide both onsite and remote support to give you the fastest possible resolution to all your IT issues

Single point of contact

Dealing with Internet Service providers, web hosts and various other third parties is time consuming for business owners and managers. IBIT Solutions can become your single point of contact so a fix is just a single phone call away

Outstanding Customer Service

Providing excellent customer service is one of our key principles

Education and Information

Many companies are not always aware of the full potential of their own systems




IBIT Solutions provide excellent support for our SBS network and peripherals, they go the extra yard and further, to provide top-quality, reliable support. We believe that IBIT's strength is that they are a plain-speaking, as little jargon as possible, "does what is says on the tin" kind of company, who do what they are good at and, unlike many companies, don't pretend to provide services that is not in their field of expertise.

Dave Guy, I.T. Manager