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April 2010

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Welcome to the April Update!

 In this issue

                News: Blackberry – Finally small business friendly

                Tips: Microsoft Outlook: Search Folders, a powerful but underused features

                News: IBIT @ Microsoft Partner Briefing

                Security: McAfee Anti-Virus Disaster

                Products: Microsoft InfoPath: An Introduction To The Hidden Gem In The Office suite

April has been an interesting month! We’ve heard lots of stories about people trapped abroad because of volcanic ash clouds.

For many of our clients this wouldn’t stop them working! A combination of mobile devices and the ability to gain remote access to the system means it doesn’t matter whether you’re in Birmingham, West Midlands or Birmingham, Alabama, you can still keep in touch with your business.

If there is a specific topic you'd like to see covered in our hints and tips section please let us know and as always if you think someone else could benefit from this please ask them to email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Andy Parkes

Technical Director

IBIT Solutions




Blackberry – Finally Small Business Friendly

Just about every modern business uses email as one of their primary means of communication. Modern smartphones have helped with this by making email accessible while on the go.

This technology is also available to small businesses and those who have invested in Microsoft Small Business Server have been able to use multiple device types to accomplish this.

Windows Mobile, iPhone, Nokia business phones and even Google Android phones have the ability to integrate with the Exchange mail server out of the box without the need for any extra hardware or software.

Blackberry handsets on the other hand have been a different matter.

Many mobile phone retailers don’t usually point out that traditionally to get a Blackberry to work with an Exchange Server you need extra software, licenses and a whole extra server which is expensive just for a couple of phones.

This usually means a series of complicated workarounds or having to use an inferior replacement service that doesn’t quite do the same thing.

Until now.

Click through to the website to hear about Blackberry Enterprise Server Express


Tips and Tricks

 Microsoft Outlook – Search Folders, a powerful but underused feature

Organising email is a daunting task and everyone does it differently. Some have very specific folder structures while others leave every single message they receive buried within their inbox

The problem with just about any approach is finding things at a later date.

Search folders can help with this and is one of those features you’ll have used every day with actually realising.

Click through to the website to see how it works



IBIT @ Microsoft Partner Briefing

Over the last twelve months Microsoft have been making huge changes to the way their partner program works. The partner program defines our relationship with Microsoft which translates into how we serve our clients.

Microsoft are running an event for around 150 midlands business IT businesses in Birmingham on May 6th to outline the changes that are underway and how they’ll impact their businesses.

As a part of this Microsoft will have several partners to give a quick three minute presentation on their relationship with Microsoft. IBIT is one of the partners asked to talk about their experiences and Andy Parkes will be speaking about our experiences with SharePoint and InfoPath.

Wish him luck!



Security - McAfee Anti-Virus Disaster

If you’re on our security alert mailing list (and if not…let us know and we’ll add you!) you will have heard about the recent problems McAfee caused massive downtime to systems all across the world.

In trying to protect against a new threat they mistakenly turned on Windows itself!

While the damage wasn’t permanent any PC affected was unusable and couldn’t be repaired manually. We spent the back half of last week clearing the problem caused.

If you’d like to learn more about the cause of the problem and how it was resolved click through to the website.



Products – InfoPath : An Introduction.

This product is one of the hidden gems of the Office suite.

Hidden is used quite literally here though because depending on how you buy Microsoft Office depends on whether you’ll have even heard of the product!

Fortunately you can still buy InfoPath as a standalone product.

So what is InfoPath?

The short answer is Electronic Forms, but there is much more to it than that.

Click through to the website to learn more about InfoPath and how it could help your business.