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May 2010

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Welcome to the May Update!

In this issue

                News: Office 2010 - Overview

                Tips: Outlook – Combining Calendars

                Tips: Word – Image Background Removal

                Tips: Excel - Sparklines

                Products: OneNote

This month saw the release of the latest release of Microsoft Office Suite – Office 2010!

As a result we’ve made this newsletter a bit of an Office special with a bumper set of tips to show off some of the new features and how they can be of use to you.

If there is a specific topic you'd like to see covered in our hints and tips section please let us know and as always if you think someone else could benefit from this please ask them to email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Andy Parkes

Technical Director

IBIT Solutions




Microsoft Office 2010 - Overview 

It’s here! 

The latest version of the premier office suite of applications has launched. This version takes the innovations introduced with the 2007 version and adds new functionality to help improve your productivity.

 So what exactly is new?

 Click through to the website to learn more


Tips and Tricks

Outlook – Combining Calendars

Organising events isn’t always a straight forward task.

While Outlook has some great features to help view other peoples availability there is nothing better than seeing everything in one simple view!

Fortunately Outlook has a trick up its sleeve that makes this really simple.

Click through to the website to find out this works



Word – Image Background Removal

 The saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” usually applies to business documents! Whether it’s illustrating a product or just making the document more visually appealing the ability to insert pictures into a document is something we do all the time.

 However, working with pictures can be a time consuming process.

 Luckily for us Word has some very powerful tools to help. Including one that in past would have required a graphic artist armed with a copy of Photoshop!

 Click through to the website to read the rest of this article



Excel – Sparklines Introduction

The spreadsheet is the one of first applications ever developed that made a computer a serious business tool. Used correctly it can enable to us to control complex sets of calculations and enable us to make important business decisions based on the information.

The latest version of Excel has a new feature that enables to quickly visualise data trends where we would have used a chart in the past.

Click through to the website to see the feature in action



Products - OneNote

 Microsoft finally decided to make this application available to a wider audience!

OneNote has been around for years but generally found its way into the student package of the Office suite.

This is because OneNote is quite simply, a note taking application so it was felt students would make better use of it.

However it has plenty of functionality that is of use in the work place.

Click though to the website to see more