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August 2010

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Welcome to the August Update! 

In this issue 

                Tips: Green Tip – Stop Fax Waste

                Tips: Useful Website – Parkopedia

                Tips: Outlook Web Access – Accessing Files From Anywhere

                Tips: Outlook 2010 and Windows 7 – Jump Lists

                Tips: Useful Website – Amazon Wish Lists 

Our newsletter took a bit of a summer holiday but it’s back now with a tips and tricks special.

We hope there is something of use for you here!

If there is a specific topic you'd like to see covered in our hints and tips section please let us know and as always if you think someone else could benefit from this please ask them to email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Andy Parkes

Technical Director

IBIT Solutions




Tips and Tricks

Green Tip – Stop Fax Waste

The fax machine has been a business staple for many many years and even though most communication is done via email nowadays just about everyone still has a fax number.

In the same way as email, fax numbers can become susceptible to spam and while there are services to help combat this (such as the Fax Preference Service) we still can end up with unwanted print outs that cost the business money but there is also the environmental aspect of all that wasted paper and ink.

So what to do about it?

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Useful Website – Parkopedia

The humble A-to-Z has taken a bashing in recent years. With the advent of satellite navigation devices first as portable devices such as a Tom-Tom and now even your mobile phone, finding a route has never been easier.

The amount of additional information available in navigation system is helpful too - need a restaurant near your destination? Not a problem! Your sat-nav will find it for you.

This also includes parking spaces. The problem with this though is that while it may tell you where someone to park is located it doesn't tell you anything else about it.

Information such as how many spaces there are, what the costs are or even a review as to how clean and safe a car park feels just isn't a part of the experience when using a sat-nav.

This is where Parkopedia comes in.

Click through to the website to find out more



Outlook Web Access – Accessing Files From Anywhere

Accessing your email through a web browser isn’t new. As well as the free consumer services such as Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo, getting at business email from anywhere is one of those things we take for granted. Outlook Web Access has a lot of tricks up its sleeve though and one of them lets you get at files stored on your server!

Needing to view a file while away from the office is common place. You might want to print out a price list, or a product catalogue or edit a quote before sending it to a client.

Normally to get around this you would either have to use various long winded methods such login to your PC remotely and doing it there or emailing it to yourself, then login to webmail and download the file. Either that or call the office and get someone there to email it to you!

All of this seems rather long winded. Fortunately using Outlook Web Access we can get to your files directly.

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Outlook 2010 and Windows 7 – Jump Lists

One of the great new features of Windows 7 is the jump list.

When you right click on an icon on the task bar you are presented with it's jumplist

The jumplist as a minimum usually contains a list of recently used documents .

However, depending on the application you're using you will get additional options in the guise of "actions"

Click through to the website to see the feature in action



Useful Website – Amazon Wish Lists

If you've used the Internet there is a large chance you've heard of Amazon.

What started out as a small online book store has grown and grown and you can buy just about anything you would find in any high street retailer on their site.

A feature they have had for many years is the "wish list"

The idea is that while browsing the Amazon store you can add anything to your wish list. That way you can come back at a later date and purchase the items or you could provide friends and relatives with your wish list address so at birthdays, holidays, anniversary's, etc they can get you a gift safe in the knowledge it's something that you really want. It's a bit like a wedding list. But just for you!

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