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Grow your IT system for free!

What’s this?

If you already work with IBIT you know we’re not about the hard sale. Our aim is to work closely with our clients to improve their business through the effective use of IT.

The aim of this scheme is to reward any recommendations of IBIT.


How does it work?

The scheme is designed to reward the person within your company who makes a recommendation as well as your company itself.

If you refer someone to us, after we’ve met them we’ll give the person who made the recommendation £20 in high street gift vouchers or make the equivalent donation to a charity of your choice.

If that referral then goes on to become an IBIT contract client you then get a choice.


Option 1

We’ll give your company a FREE service day that you can use to help improve your IT system.

Been putting off that SharePoint upgrade?


Want some training on an Office product?


Need your folder structure re-organising? 


Option 2

We’ll provide a brand new laptop for your business free of charge! *


Sounds good, what do I need to do?


Simply give us a call with the details of the person you’d like to refer and make them aware that you have given IBIT this referral and we’ll contact them

* Laptop and operating  system only.