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Security is important

There are many threats on the Internet all of which can compromise your organisation

We ensure our clients are kept up to date on any current security threats. We regularly send an email that helps highlight things

Once the e-mail has been sent it out it is also added to the website so the information is easily accessible


Latest Threats

Facebook Un-Named App Hoax

Good afternoon

Just a quick update, I wanted to let you know about a Facebook hoax that is currently doing the rounds

Depending on your viewpoint you may be thinking “my staff shouldn’t be using Facebook at work” but the threat isn’t actually from Facebook

Users of the social-networking site are warning each other of what is rumoured to be a rogue application, spying on their activities on Facebook. Users are told in the warning that they can find the "Unnamed app" by going to "Settings"/"Application Settings" and then choosing "Add to Profile" from the drop-down box. (See screenshot)

 facebook hoax 1

However, at there doesn’t appear to be any evidence that the application is malicious.
It appears that the only sin it may have committed might be to have been given it an unhelpful name.
It's suggested that in truth the "Unnamed app" may actually be the boxes tab that appears on users' Facebook profiles.

 facebook hoax 2

Of course, news of the "dangerous" app is spreading quickly and, as a result, many people are searching the internet trying to find clues about the Facebook application.
It is at this point that the malicious hackers enter the story.

Just as they have done with other Facebook scares, hackers have created webpages stuffed with keywords related to the "Unnamed" (sometimes "Un named") app.

And if you happen to stumble across one of these malicious sites after searching for information about the "Facebook Unnamed app" you might find yourself infected by fake anti-virus software, designed to trick you out of your hard-earned cash.

Remind your staff of any policies that cover Facebook usage and remind any laptop users to be vigilant when working at home as their home networks won’t provide the same sort of protection as when they are in the office

As always if you have doubts on the legitimacy of an email or web page please give us a call

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