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Security is important

There are many threats on the Internet all of which can compromise your organisation

We ensure our clients are kept up to date on any current security threats. We regularly send an email that helps highlight things

Once the e-mail has been sent it out it is also added to the website so the information is easily accessible


Latest Threats

Current Threats 2nd December



Just thought I’d let you know about a couple of techniques the bad guys are using at the moment!


Tiger Woods

I’m sure you’ve heard about Tiger’s little accident, there are various websites that are claiming to show video of the incident

tiger woods 1


If you try and watch the video the site tells you that you need to install a plug-in


tiger woods 2


The “plug-in” is actually a Trojan designed to take over your computer!


Of course, hackers have chosen to jump on the coattails of the current story of Tiger Woods' car accident simply because so many people are searching the internet for news about it right now.


Facebook Login


If you receive an email from Facebook about their “new login system”, ignore it!

tiger woods 3


While this looks authentic the link in the email actually takes you to a phishing  site which harvests your password and then attempts to trick you into installing some malicious software which claims to be for “upgrading your account” but is in fact another Trojan


Hope this helps! Please pass onto your staff as appropriate




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