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Security is important

There are many threats on the Internet all of which can compromise your organisation

We ensure our clients are kept up to date on any current security threats. We regularly send an email that helps highlight things

Once the e-mail has been sent it out it is also added to the website so the information is easily accessible


Latest Threats

Haiti Earthquake Scams



Welcome to the first security update for 2010!


I’m sure you are aware of the tragedy in Haiti that has taken the lives of thousands and left many survivors waiting to receive aid


Unfortunately the bad guys use times like this to catch us off guard and will attempt to trick you into sending money to them


This is known as a 419 scam You’ll have seen similar scams where you are asked to help get some money out of a country and that you’ll get a large percentage if you’ll only provide your bank account details and help with the “administration fee”!


This particular scam is bit more straight forward and they pretend to be contacting you on behalf of the Red Cross and ask you to wire transfer money directly into their account


An example we’ve seen is below



Obviously there will variations and I’m sure we’ll see phishing attempts that ask you to visit a website and use your credit card over the coming days so please be vigilant


If you would like to make a donation you can visit the British Red Cross at

If you’re concerned about clicking any link claiming to be the Red Cross remember the safest way is to type the address yourselves


I hope this is useful, please distribute to your staff as appropriate


As always please get in touch with IBIT if you have any doubts on the legitimacy of an email or web page


If you would like to be removed from the security alerts mailing list please let me know