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Our broadband services provide you with a high quality, reliable connection in a choice of monthly allowance and underlying connectivity options to meet varying customer requirements.

Choose from a rate adaptive ADSL connection for speeds of up to 8Mbps* or where available**, an ADSL2+ connection providing you with greater stability and potentially faster speeds* at no additional cost. Alternatively, you can opt for a fixed rate service in a choice of three speeds; 512Kbps, 1Mbps or 2Mbps.


ADSL2+ speed and stability Our ADSL2+ broadband provides you with a more stable Internet connection at potentially faster speeds than standard ADSL ***
Choice of monthly packages You can choose the package that best suits your usage needs and your budget. Choose from 5 Business and 6 Family packages
Elevated Best Efforts option (inc. on all ADSL2+ business packages) This option ensures your throughput doesn’t fall below 3Mbps during the busiest periods ****
Enhanced Care option In the event of a fault on your line, this option guarantees a fx within 20 hours, with Openreach engineers available 24/7
30 day contract and free migration We believe you should be free to move your connection whenever needed and don’t charge for your migration to us unless you’re moving from an LLU provider


Next Steps

If you’re interested in moving from your existing ADSL package to the ADSL2+ service simply contact us as below and we’ll do everything we can to make it easy.


* The actual speed achieved depends upon the distance from the exchange and the quality of connection.

** ADSL2+ is only available to customers connected to 21C enabled exchanges. To find out if ADSL2+ is available to you please contact us.

*** The actual speed will depend on the quality of your existing line and the distance between your premises and the BT telephone exchange that serves you.

**** Elevated Best Efforts guarantees throughput of at least 3Mbps over the BT network, subject to line sync rate for 90% of the time over the busiest 3-hour period by giving your traffc preferential weighting.