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Server Monitoring

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Your servers are the critical to your network so they need to be running to their maximum efficiency at all times

We monitor your server around the clock and can trap potential problems before they become major problems

Areas we check include

Performance Monitoring

Ensuring the system is adequate for your needs, slow systems cost time and money and cause your staff endless frustration. By constantly monitoring we can let you know in advance if any upgrades may be needed preventing nasty budget surprises

Service Monitoring

Services are programs that constantly running on your server and perform the tasks the server is intended for. We check to ensure services are always running as expected and can take action in the event of any problems

Drive space capacity

Suddenly running out of disk space can cause no end of problems as well giving budget headaches because of unexpected upgrades. Each disk in your server will be monitoring to ensure this doesn't happen and we can advise you on any upcoming issues so they can be properly planned for. Unexpected jumps in drive space usage can also highlight other problems so this simple check is a great proactive tool

Event Log Monitoring

Your system constantly makes notes about every thing that is happening with the system. By keeping an eye on these logs we can spot any problems before they become an issue

Exchange Monitoring

We check various areas of your mail system such as queue length and database size to keep it healthy. E-mail is such an important areas of business it's vital to keep it up and running