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Backup and Disaster Recovery

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Backup and Recovery is a subject that is usually low on the agenda of most small business owners

No one thinks the worst is going to happen, so when it does, will your company know what to do?

Ask yourself these questions,

  • If you suffered a major system failure tomorrow are you confident you would be able to recover your critical data?
  • How long would it take to get the system up and running?
  • While the system was down what would your staff be doing?
  • If your staff have nothing to do how much is that costing your business?


IBIT can help implement backup systems that will recover your entire server, not just the data. Downtime is reduced to minutes and hours as opposed to a days and weeks that is usually associated with a full re-build

As well as protecting shared server data many companies don't do anything about the data on their PCs. If  the PC you used to do the accounts suffered a hard disk failure are you confident that you could recover all the data?