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I'm worried day to day IT support costs being unpredictable and hard to budget for


This is an understandable concern

With our businesses becoming more and more reliant on IT systems the need for them to stay up and running is crucial. Traditionally IT support was offered on a "pay as you go" basis

This meant that you only spoke to your IT provider when something goes wrong and you generally don't know exactly when your system may have a problem which makes it impossible to budget for.

In addition to the unpredictable costs your only paying your IT support provider to fix problems, it makes much more sense to have them constantly maintained to actually avoid major problems occuring that would prevent your business from operating fully

That's where our services come in

Our fixed fee support packages give you unlimited onsite, telephone and remote support so your staff don't have to worry about asking for help for fear of incurring costs

In addition to unlimited support we also manage your whole IT system.

It's like have your only fully fledged IT department but without the cost!


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