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With the advent of broadband internet access your network has the potential to much bigger!

Previously this type of setup was only available to larger companies and involved expensive leased lines and complicated remote access servers.

This is no longer the case. Always-on ADSL technologies make remote working for users and the linking together of networks in multiple physical locations a realistic goal for any business without it costing the earth! IBIT technical staff are vastly experienced in this area and many of our customers take advantage of these benefits.

Example Scenario:

Widgets Inc are a small business based in Coventry. They employ 25 staff and have 10 computers and a server. In addition to this they have 3 small branch offices. The branch offices are all connected to Head Office via VPN links which enables them to connect directly to the server remotely to share files, send and receive e-mail and utilise the SharePoint Intranet site.